Graphic Designer at your service.

I have been at this for a while creating Logos, Concert Posters, Albums Covers, Signs, banners, ect. I have the equipment at home, and with little overhead, can print banners, decals, signs, posters ect.

Email me for a quote, or if you have questions on anything. I have been recently working with fine people at The woodshed (in my opinion the new best place for live local music), and Chris and Anna Slowtrain records, among others creating Posters, banners Business cardsm, ect. Also with my own band "We're Petrified!" on several concert Posters, some of the shown below.

Normally I would Charge around $50 to $75 for a design, depending on the project, sometimes less. Printing depends on the material, Band Decals can be done at like 100 a time about $30.00 depending on the size. The last Shop I worked at doing these very same products was charging about 30% more than I am able to.

Hit me up at and we can discuss your graphic or sign needs.